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Super Sonido is so much more than the music, it is the experience. I play music that combines traditional Latin sounds with more modern ones, mirroring the experience of our modern world. Everyday we work out how to navigate technology and tradition and how the intersection of those two things affect our identities. I try to include the history of the music I play because I think it can help us better understand not only the music but where we, ourselves stand.


I grew up feeling very rootless. I grew up in a multicultural home, except my father assimilated for survivals sake so growing up I was very confused. I looked like no one who grew up like me and grew up like no one who looked like me. I had no real connection to my culture and so I had to create it for myself. As a young adult I found the roots I needed in music. There are foundational albums, Bomba Estereo-Blow Up, Chicano Batman-Chicano Batman, Julieta Venegas-Limon y Sal, that really changed my life because for once I felt seen, I felt understood and I felt validated. I wanted to create a show that gave that to other people, and while I play music with Latin roots I think that anyone can relate to that confusion, that loss. We all have lost something to time, whether that’s our land, our tradition, our language, and the list goes on. My hope with Super Sonido is to give people what music has given me, connection to my ancestors, my identity and to spirit.

You can find Super Sonido live on KUVO Jazz Sundays 4pm Mountain Standard Time (MST) at or 89.3FM, Blue in Green Radio every other Tuesday at 10am MST at or right here whenever you want

Denver based music lover La Molly, Like many Latinx people, has been on a search for what, or rather, who she is her whole life. Having grown up rather rootless La Molly turned to music and the Super Sonido Show. This radio show explores the blending of traditional sounds such as cumbia, champeta and Andean folklorico with modern technology and digital sounds, music that mirrors the identity search of many in the Latinx community. How can we both embrace our traditions and be present in modern society? The Super Sonido Show aims to provide the soundtrack to that question.

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