In my home, death is not the end. Death is just a different component of life. The ghosts of people we love don’t so much haunt us as they remain with us; to celebrate, to grieve, to dance with us. Disrepant’s newest anthology, Antologia de Música Atípica Portuguesa Vol2 Regiões, is haunted music. It’s the music you play not when you need to get rid of the ghosts, but when you need to sit with them.

Death comes in many forms and ghosts are not just the people we’ve lost. We may be haunted by past actions, thoughts or lovers. Antologia gives us the chance to commune with all of this, to consider who we were and who we want to be. Songs like “Manta” and “Por Riba” feel like the connective tissue between what was and what lays ahead. And connecting is exactly what Discrepant set out to do. For the second volume of the Antologia series, they chose to draw attention to the various regional styles of Portugal, each track connecting with a different province from the country.

Whatever you were expecting this album to be, just go ahead and toss that out the window. With its focus on the atypical, Antologia dives deep into the peculiar and unseen musical world of Portugal. While it may not help you exorcise your ghosts, at the very least this album is an exercise in exorcising your preconceived notions. Aside from the multiple drawn out expletives, the powerful playlist of songs like “Asylo” and “Montemor” have pretty much left me speechless. You. Need. To hear this.

Antologia sounds industrial, experimental and eerie. The sounds stay with you long after you turn them off. They are new and unknown. And yet, the handpicked songs are all very much bound up in tradition, just in an unexpected way. With Antologia, Discrepant is attempting to re-evaluate Portugal’s musical history, to de-construct clichés and re-assemble preconceptions to make you reconsider not only what you think about Portuguese music but what you think about music in general. For this, they have chosen artists working on the fringes. And it’s quite timely as we draw near to the Day of the Dead. The time when we light candles, set out breads and pictures and trails of fragrant flowers and call the dead home. Antologia will be our siren song, the soundtrack that will invite our ghosts to sit in reverence with us. I imagine the awe they must feel as they observe all the ways the world has changed since their last visit. And yet, what Discrepant has done here will serve as a reminder that it was only possible with the solid foundation they created.

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